How to Prepare for Chef Job? Cook Healthy!

Appearing for a Chef’s job is a tough task. Especially, if you don’t have much previous experience. To make your job easier, we’ve got tips from some Experts from which will guide you on how to cook healthy on your first time appearing for your boss.


Without stress

If an important meal is near, preparing things one day before so that you can prepare everything in the quieter way and the result will be much better. You’ll look like a pro chef with everything under control.


The larger, less fire

The longer you cook the preparation, lower you must put fire to better cooking. Conversely, when the preparation is small, you can cook over high heat. Keep in mind this rule and be one step closer to being a great chef.

Well stocked spices

The best place to keep spices is a place that is dry and dark. Some people tend to keep the right spices above the stove, as this is the worst place you can store them. Choose a dry, dark place, that’s not too hot.


Big kitchen

Whenever you make broth, do it in large quantities and then take preparing the freezer. So you always have a little ready whenever you need it and, believe me, you’ll need frequently. You also need to use proper tools while cooking, like if you’re trying to prepare a bbq grill then use the best charcoal grills out there in the market.

Innovate carefully

If you try a recipe for the first time to impress someone, be careful. It is never a good idea to try a new recipe and a new ingredient when it comes to an important meal. Choose one, a new recipe or a new ingredient, never both at once.


Pasta with flavor

To make your dough has the flavor of a luxury restaurant, try this trick: Cook pasta one minute less than directed on the package and finish cooking in the pan with the sauce. This will make your taste is more delicious. This is how the Pro’s do it! If you’re looking for some more pasta hacks then this article here is a great resource.

Your hands odorless

After using garlic or onion, surely your hands are full of the smell of these, to remove it, simply scrub your hands against stainless steel sink for 30 seconds and then wash them with soap, you will see that the smell will be gone.


You need more oil

If you are skipping the food and find that you require more oil, add just a little turning the same on the edges of the pan. In this way, the oil will reach the food from the sides, where it is already cooked.


They do not go

When you’re cutting herbs, use a little salt on the chopping block, this little trick will not work when you’re biting.


Room temperature

For best results when baking, let the eggs and butter out a few hours before until they reach room temperature. Thus the mixture will cook more evenly.

Did you like this ten tips for cooking better? Tell us in the comments what surprised you most. To become a great chef continues practice is what will help you over time.